so i’m a very visual person.

i learn best that way, always have.

but i’ve humphed at the idea of vision boards in years past, because, well… they seemed a bit too woo woo for me.

a tid bit of woo woo is good for my soul but the whole visual manifestation deal just left me skeptical.

but after a really, really tough past few years, i’m willing to give it a go.

i’m embracing the woo woo, silencing my inner skeptic and pinning this sucker up on a bulletin board in my office.

vision board

so a little explanation.

the quote ‘sometimes you have to believe it to see it’ is from danielle laporte.

i’m on my second go around for her ‘desire map’ book and loving the smack in the face that are her truthbombs.

the quilt is a reminder to sit & create.

the gold pineapples are two fold- a symbol of abundance & a sign of welcoming all things.

the to-die-for legs and yoga pose is to remind me to practice yoga. it grounds me & makes me feel connected to myself.

the kitchen is my ideal home style. it’s inspiration to create a home that feels like that photo.

the pleated skirt symbolizes femininity & radiance. two words i want to feel more of going forward.

the swing photo relates to my photography. i want more freedom and life in my images.

the happy photo is pretty straightforward.

the artichokes symbolize nourishment with food. i want to focus more on nourishing my family.

and the wave photo is how i want to feel- free, connected and joyful.

 i’m taking this baby one step further, you guys.

i’m making one for the kids too.

bring on the woo woo

and everything on this board, please & thank you.

fyi, all orginal sources can be found on my pinterest site.