over here in casa hehe, we’re wrapped up in making 2014

the best year we’ve had in a long time

we decided on a family resolution

and i’m both excited a little intimidated by it-


excited because who doesn’t want more adventure

but intimidated because, you guys, it’s really hard thinking up adventures.

we’re focusing on the little things, little things that can be made into big adventures

like finding the best gelato in the city

or camping out in our backyard

or making smores for the first time while wearing darth vader masks (see my instagram for that photo).

i think it’s so important for kids to experience great joy in the little things

and let’s face it, it doesn’t hurt us big kids either.

if you’ve got any awesome ideas for adventure, leave a comment and let me know.

as always, i’ll be embarking on our adventures with camera in hand

so stay tuned for updates.

happy monday-

that’s an adventure in and of itself, am i right?