sm cobe january-1

| tri-x on the contax |

he’s been referring to me as ‘chief’ lately.

yes, chief.

aye aye, chief.

you got it, chief.

it’s kinda growing on me.

also, he asked where babies come from. if he can have a baby sister. and could he still go to college if he ever had a baby sister.

all in a ten minute span.

my answers were as follows-

1. when two people love each other very much, god plants a seed in the mommy’s tummy & a baby grows.

frankly, i’m still getting used to the anatomically correct ‘boy part’ word so there was absolutely no way i was getting factual. some of you may disagree but that’s the beauty of parenting, right? you get to call your own shots.

2. maybe. who knows.

(no we have no announcements to make presently or in the near future).

3. yes. duh.


he’s started saying you’re mean when things don’t go his way.

so that’s fun. i’m waiting for the h word. i know it’s only a matter of time.

and then there was this morning

when he told me he had pop’s skin.

i asked if he thought he had my skin.

he said no, just pop’s because their skin was a little bit brown.

finn apparently has my skin.

we’re not a little brown, we’re bright.

thank you very much folks, that’s all for today’s installment of cobe-isms.