we read to the kiddos every night.

okay, almost every night.

and i always try to strong arm them into reading something that’s fun for big kids too.

because, seriously, how many times can one woman read a book about trucks.

the other night, i picked up Stewart Little and started reading. guess what? they loved it.

so head on over to the mommy styles blog and get your list of chapter books to read to the littles.

we’ll be heading to the library soon for a couple of these babies.


secondly,  you must try these.

my super healthy, beautiful friend gave me the recipe last year & she’s my favorite person because of it.

don’t be scared of the grain free, sugar free, dairy free category they fall in.

they are delish & good for your belly.

click here for the details.


also, for a guaranteed smile,

please watch this video.

especially if you’re a momma

or just a person who loves hysterical kids.

it will make your friday even better-

if that was possible… it’s friday!!!


and last but not least,

here’s a reminder to embrace the crazy.

sm finn glass-1

it’s really the only way to stay sane.

xo, friends. happy weekend.