‘there are years that ask questions, and years that answer.’

-zora neale hurston


i’m certain i’m deep in the season of questions.

cobe needs to know everything. his curiosity about the way things work is insatiable.

and finn began asking why last week.

and not only that but i’m questioning.

am i doing it right

am i doing enough

am i doing too much

where do we go from here

it’s exhausting.

i find myself awake at 3am and the moment my mind recognizes wakefulness, the questions rush in

like a hard, noisy rain. never-ending pellets.

deep breaths sometimes slow the downpour

and writing & photography clear the skies a bit

but i can’t shake the feeling that this season of questions will remain until i find the answers.

or until the answers find me.

so i ask another question,

should i seek or should i sit?

somedays my voice echoes with no response

and somedays i hear whispers of intuition

like the sound of scooters gliding through puddles

and the smell of things blooming after a hard rain.