things came really close to falling apart this year. to be honest, they’ve been slowly unwinding for a few years now

but this year was the catalyst. this was the year that grabbed us by the chin and screamed,

you’re missing it! wake up!

this year was the best, worst thing that could have happened to us.

when you spend nearly 365 days hanging by a thread, you have a different perspective on almost all things.

you crave simplicity and peace. and so here we are embarking on a new year. ugly, barren landscapes are in the rearview mirror.

we’ve got scars and bruises.

and we’re moving on. forward. toward the sunlight and spring.

i’m sharing a few things i’ve promised myself i’ll do from here on out, forever and ever. maybe you’ll find they resonate with you too…

ONE | ask this question five million times a day, no matter what the decision is ‘does this thing/person/chore/expense/choice make my life simpler or more complicated?’

and then go with my gut.

TWO | remind myself that you really never know what someone is going through quietly. and then find someway to show them kindness,

even if it’s just a silent wish for their happiness.

THREE | create space. in my home, in my budget, in my relationships, with my time. i will make room for good, beautiful things to grow.

FOUR | connect. with people, animals, nature, myself. real life connection. honestly and feelings.

the kind of connection where you walk away and think, serendipity.

and on the flip side…

FIVE | boundaries. privacy. it’s okay to not share my world with the world. it’s good and healthy to save some bits for my people

and only my people. a therapist once told me ‘carry your own backpack’.

SIX | learn to love my body. honor it with good, delicious foods. honor it with gratitude for what it does for me. honor it with kindness and good energy.

remember that water experiment?

SEVEN | minimize the crazy. i realized this year that every year is going to be tough. every year will have lessons to learn and re-learn.

there is no new year, clean slate, this year’s going to be the best year yet.

life is crazy enough when left to it’s own devices and i will do my best to minimize my role in bringing on more crazy. i’m pushing my plate away and saying no thank you to extra crazy.

EIGHT| let it go. shake it off. and have more kitchen dance parties.


xo. may you find whatever it is you’re looking for in the new year.