Taking a vacation has been on our list for, oh, 7 years.
I mean, we’ve done weekend trips to visit friends
and a trip to Disney was smashed in there but the kind of vacation that we’ve read about…
the kind that relaxes and recharges you, that was a pipe dream. The money was always siphoned off someplace else. Or was it?
We started our serious budget in January and wouldn’t you know, our first vacation as a family happened 4 months later.
For us, that meant (me) staying away from places like the mall & Target. It also meant canceling cable, packing lunches and eating at home.
It meant planning a rather simple vacation- a 2.5 hour drive from our house, a room with a full kitchen so we ate several meals that we grocery shopped for,
and looking for a deal on our hotel. We also opted to stay at a resort which had everything our hearts desired at our fingertips- which with 2 young boys, allowed for the recharging & relaxation that mom and dad desperately needed.
And we just stayed for a long weekend.
The plan for next year is a week. That’s probably the only change we’ll make- more time.
I’m still on a vacation high. So before I get shoved back into reality tomorrow, I wanted to share a few lessons I learned from our trip.
1. Take one. Figure out a way to do it. And do it. It’ll work miracles for your marriage and your relationships with your kiddos.
2. Un-plug. Promise yourself and your kids that you’ll check your phone once, maybe twice a day. Your kids will be the first ones to call you out. You’ll realize how hooked you are on your phone and how good it feels to focus on what’s most important.
3. Sharing a virgin strawberry daiquiri is no fun for anyone. We treated the kids to poolside drinks and since Finn was more interested in swimming, we figured sharing one would suffice. It didn’t. The boys fought like wild hyenas and we were forced to monitor sip lengths while our drinks melted in the sun. Next time, we’ll just buy two. The five bucks is worth it.
4. Play more. Friends, it’s really fun to go down water slides, even if you’re the only adult in the whole pool doing it. It’s also fun to have cannon ball competitions and race kayaks and spend hours looking for sea treasures. Cobe told me more than once how fun it was to play with me. In fact, he said his favorite part of our whole trip was playing in the pool with mom & dad. We’ll be making playtime a priority on a daily basis.
5. Stand-up paddleboarding is hard. And awesome. I got a chance to go out all by myself on Mother’s Day. The water was choppy and I fell off twice. But I focused on staying balanced, figuring out a path of least resistance through the waves, and was in awe of Mother Nature the whole time I was on the water. Big life lessons there, you guys.
If you’re looking for an awesome getaway, check out Sundial Resort in Sanibel. They cater to families and have everything you could need including beach towels, sand toys, kids activities, bike rentals (beach combers, training wheels and trailers) and an ice cream shop.
Disclaimer: I was not compensated, bribed or threatened to recommend Sundial. I just really loved our trip 🙂
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