Long before I had a miscarriage, I was aware of the toxic chemicals we ingest & slather on our bodies. I had heard the term ‘hormone disruptor‘ before and knew that glass was better for food storage, that BPA-free was a good thing and that switching to a stainless steel water bottle was a smart move. I knew estrogen mimics were real and causing trouble in our adolescents, contributing to early puberty and other issues. I knew that cancer was crushing people’s lives all around me, that autism was on the steady incline and that everyone seems to have a food allergy these days.


I had seen holistic doctors, sought acupuncture and Ayurveda for migraines and irregular cycles. But after the miscarriage, I’m acutely more aware of the long & short term damage from things I’m exposed to everyday. It’s environmental, it’s our food, it’s stress and it’s our skincare and makeup.


80 percent


I tried making my own from Pinterest recipes and combed over Kris Carr’s safe beauty product lists. I washed my hair with apple cider vinegar and used coconut oil for everything. And then I found Beautycounter.


Beautycounter’s mission is to educate, create awareness and advocate for change on a big level when it comes to what we’re putting on our bodies (and children’s bodies). And they create safe and effective products for the whole family from sunscreen to facial oils to lipstick.


They take all the guess work out of the equation. You get amazing products that work as well or better than what you’re using now but give you the peace of mind with the strictest safety standards in the US. They’re hoping to set the new standard for the industry. They’re making noise in DC and looking to be the catalyst for change.

14000 vs 11 square


If you’re interested in learning more, watch the short video below and then head over to my website. There you’ll find all the details on the products as well as how you can join the movement.


Honesty Disclaimer: I am a customer and consultant for Beautycounter. I was not paid to do this post but do receive a commission on sales through my website.