This picture. It’s an all time favorite. And it almost didn’t get taken.

Tai of Ty Wynn Photo, one of our dearest and also our annual family photographer kept on me. He’d text and say, Pictures this weekend? I can do next week too. What about the weekend after that?

And I’d say, No, we can’t. Or, we’ve already got something planned. 

While it’s true that we did have plans, I really didn’t want photos taken last year.

We’d had two pregnancies end in soul crushing miscarriages, and I was coping. And my body was coping by gaining weight and breaking out. I felt awful on the inside and outside. I was worried I’d look at the pictures and see the baby that wasn’t there anymore. So I kept putting it off. And off. Until Tai finally said, What about Thanksgiving morning? I started to type that it would be too crazy that day, but then I stopped and deleted my text.

Thanksgiving morning. Just as the sun had come up. Out on the beach with my family.

I wrote back, Yes, perfect. Because it was.

And now I have this photograph. And several others that don’t make me think of the baby that was supposed to have been born a few weeks before. Instead, I see love. I think of how Finn’s skin feels, still baby soft and smelling of soap, and the way Cobe throws all of himself into his hugs with such intensity that he grits his teeth. I think of the way Kyle’s arms feel around us all and how safe and cherished he makes me feel. I look at this photograph and I feel lucky and grateful for whatever it is I did to deserve this life.

So, mommas. What I want to tell you is to get in the picture. Do it so you can have that reminder of how lucky you are to be here with your people.

And if you need someone to take those pictures, you might want to sign up for one of my Mother’s Day Mini sessions coming up April 23rd and 24th. See Facebook for details.

xo. Stacia