image via Domino from @joyfulfour

This mixed tape of internet goodness are some of my favorite things I’ve read/seen/heard lately. Enjoy 🙂

They’re gracing design blogs everywhere & are easily snagged at Home Depot, this article about caring for the ever popular & super picky Fiddle Leaf Fig: see it here

This video from one dad about being a slave to his toddler: see it here

For the green thumbs or really ambitious parents, how to create a Bean Pole Teepee in your yard: see it here

Parent Hacks, enough said. I especially love the toilet paper marker & the cup magnets. And I can tell you from experience that the splinter remover & lego bag are amazing: see them all here

This post on Not Carpe Diem-ing is one I’ve read, oh about, three hundred times. If you’ve ever had someone tell you to “Enjoy every moment” of raising your children while the children are simultaneously wreaking havoc, this one’s for you: see it here