Time and time and time again, we’ve heard that gratitude is the cure for what ails us. Gratitude cures the commercialism and materialism we find ourselves being drawn toward this time of year. Gratitude improves marriages, friendships and self esteem. It’s powerful. So in that spirit, here are three things that made me happy this week because feeling happy is something I’m grateful for.

Skinnytaste’s spin on better for you Cranberry Bliss Bars

These things, originally from Starbucks, are SO good. But my jeans and winter clothes don’t agree. So I was inappropriately happy to find this recipe.



This trick via Food 52 for changing the game on rolling out cookie dough

I don’t roll out dough. Baking with kids is hard enough for me. Baking in my teeny kitchen with kids and rolling out dough is where I draw the line. We make every other cookie during the holidays but anything that requires a rolling pin gets nixed to the ‘someday when I have a 10 foot island’ category. But now, with this handy little tip, we just might tackle some fancy sugar cookies this year.



The Mortified Podcast

A friend came over and told me that I┬áhad to drop everything and listen to this podcast. So I did. And I belly laughed my way through errands. It’s a podcast full of people reading aloud their teenage journals. It’s fantastic and angsty and hysterical. Remember when we thought being a teenager was the most unjust, complicated stage of our lives? Yeah. Just the thought of my teenage self makes me roll my eyes. FYI- it’s not kiddo appropriate so wear headphones if you’re listening with littles around.


So that’s some of what made me happy this week. I’d love to hear what got you smiling.