Our house is in full holiday swing. We’ve got the tree trimmed, the lights on the house and the Elf of the Shelf making us curse the day we got sucked into that tradition. Something strange happens to me when the decorations start going up- I get major house envy. I pine after Pinterest home decor images of gorgeous Scandinavian Christmas trees and perfectly set tables with hand lettered name plates. Our house is suddenly too small, too plain, too cluttered, not enough. It takes me a few days but I begin to come around and the gratitude settles in. I start to look around my house and see the ornaments on the tree, all clustered around certain a couple of 5 & 7 year old heights. I smell the fresh wreath I picked up at Trader Joes for $10. I hear the holiday playlist I’ve cultivated over the last several years. And it all feels good.

While I may not be able to change my home’s roofline so the Christmas lights look just so, and I may not be spending my weekend building a gorgeous sunroom with floor to ceiling windows for our Christmas tree, I’m looking forward to doing some creating.

Here are five holiday Pinterest projects that meet all of my crafting criteria: must be affordable, beautiful and able to be done in an afternoon.

DIY Holiday Card Display via Lolly Jane



Cinnamon Star Ornaments via A Pretty Life in the Suburbs



Mini Paper Garland via Nordic design



A Simple Holiday Live Wreath via The Fresh Exchange



A DIY Home Alone Inspired Christmas Doormat via Desert Domicile



Leave a comment with your favorite holiday pin or DIY and let’s get creating!