Back in January, I read a blog on another photographer’s website about her favorite images of 2016. I thought, I should do a little bloggity blog like that. I thought, I’ll just whip that up real quick.

Nope. If you hadn’t already noticed, it’s April.

Turns out, I kinda sorta throw my heart into making images for my people, and choosing only one from each session required some liquid courage and an epsom salt bath.

When I finally pulled the trigger and chose my favorites, I started to notice a couple of themes. Some, I already knew about…

1. I like goldeny, sunshiny, back-lit magic. It’s why I make my peeps come to me earlllly in the morning or race with me to the sunset.
2. I’m a sucker for momma’s holding their babies. There’s not much else that tops that. Except maybe siblings giggling. That’s right up there too.

But here’s what stood out most boldly as I literally combed through each image, I love the moments. I look for the moments. I wait for them. I make jokes for them. I yell “POOP!” at your kids for them. For me, the moments are the memories. They’re what make pictures take on that Harry Potter-esque movement, where you can almost see the actual memory happening.

I used to say, I like the candids. But I’ve noticed that puts some pressure on people who have trouble being “candid” with a camera pointing in their face while their 8 year old smiles his cheesiest, fake smile and their toddler will not, for the love, put down the stick she found. And you know your husband is wondering #1 how long will this thing take and#2 why did you pay money for this and #3 how much money did you pay for this.

But moments? Yeah, those are not always candid. Moments happen when I yell “POOP!” at your kids and they crack up and look at each other like, did she really just yell poop? Or when I convince you to get a few pictures with your significant other and then tell you to kiss but that’s a little awkward so you look at each other and laugh. Moments happen when your 3 year old will not cooperate for a single second so you scoop him up and hold him for a bit because he’s still only three. And moments happen you relax for a little and let the kids, just be kids.

Here’s to more moments and less cheese.


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