Meet Stacia


My photography story starts with an ending and a beginning. My father passed away unexpectedly when I was 7 months pregnant with my first son. My dad and I never seemed to be on the same page in life and sadly, this meant that when he was gone, I was left with very few photos. The few that I do have are more than just pieces of paper- they are scents & sounds & feelings. When my son was born, a deep, longing desire to photograph everything around me was also born. I devoured photography websites and books and began enrolling in classes taught by other photographers. I started photographing family & friends and lectured them when they’d tell me they only wanted photos of their kids. I’d say ‘Your children want photos of you!’. I hadn’t made the connection bewteen losing my father and my need to document the world around me but I see it so clearly now. I had always been a writer but words weren’t enough anymore. I needed something more tangible. I tell stories through photographs. I’m not looking for a session full of smiling people, all staring at the camera. I want to document your laughter and the way you look at each other. I want to document your playfulness and joy. These are the moments you’ll want to remember. These are the scents & sounds & feelings that will play over and over through beginnings and ends. Here’s to your story. And to lots of photographs of those you love.




P.S. I was lucky enough to have the magical Yan Photo come down to Florida and photograph my family. The two photos you see here are part of that session.

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