My Style

The Heart of the Matter

My camera is an extension of me, of my heart. I use it to tell stories, my own and yours. Photographers are always asked to classify their photographic style and I’m still not sure what mine is. I know I look for truth, for connection, for love. That’s not a style but it’s how I would describe my work and what you can expect to get out of a session with me. I’ll place you in good light, give you some direction- where to look, what to do with your hands and then I talk to you. I find that the talking and interacting evokes realness, makes people comfortable and elicits good things like belly laughs. It works the same with adults and kids. We all just want to be ourselves and feel good doing it.


In 2012, I started combining my digital work with film. Film? Yup, film. Kodak, Fuji- the good stuff. I’ve found that the authenticity and natural beauty that I look for in the people I photograph was enhanced by using film. It’s also a hugely creative process for me. My film camera feels different in my hands. It forces me to compose an image, consider the elements and meditate for a moment on what I’m about to create. Shooting film makes me a better photographer. And I’ve found that when families are choosing their keepers for prints or digital files, they choose the film.


My Muses

If you follow my facebook or instagram feeds, you already know who I’m talking about. My two boys are inspirations for picking up my camera. I’m reminded of staying present. Of the little things. Of how beautiful life is. Sometimes when the days are extraordinarily long and my patience is extraordinarily thin and my house is extraordinarily messy, I grab my camera and I instantly see things differently. I’m composing a piece of art, mess and all.


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