The Newborn Session

A newborn is magical. And photographing a family who just welcomed a new baby into their home is one of my favorite things in the world to photograph. Emotions are erupting, joy is palpable and the love is overwhelming. I hear so often from the families I work with that even though it was only a matter of a few weeks before they received their gallery that the baby has already lost his fuzz, his newborn legs are losing their wrinkles and beginning to get rolls. That magical time of newborn-ness is so fleeting. Couple that with the fact that you’re sleep deprived and recovering from birthing a child and you’ve got a recipe for forgetfulness. My newborn sessions take place in your home. Leave the dishes, the dust and the diapers piled high. I’ve been there. I won’t photograph your clutter. It’s the secret that everyone knows but no one wants to remember. But I do the sessions in your home because you will want to remember sitting in your glider while you hold your new baby. And what the nursery looked like the week you came home. You’ll be most comfortable in your own home. And so will your baby.

My newborn sessions are photographed with a lifestyle feel. What that means is that we’ll swaddle your new babe in all the beautiful blankets you received. Or snuggle them on the quilt you made during your nesting period. If you’re having a little girl, we can add a few bows or headbands, maybe a hat or two. We’ll lie your new baby on your bed instead of propping them up with a beanbag in front of a backdrop. The backdrop is your home. The light comes from your windows. This approach gives a soft, quiet, peaceful quality to your images. I used to lug around 500 pounds of props and stands and such but the photos I loved taking and the ones that families loved to have were the ones shot with this approach. So if you’re looking for a very posed newborn session with wooden bowls and ten different backgrounds, I’d be happy to recommend another excellent photographer. But I’m doing more than just photographing your newborn baby. I’m photographing your newborn life.

So, the nitty gritty.

My session fee is $200. Prints begin at $35 and photo collection begin at $425. On average, most families invest $1000 for their session. If you’d like detailed pricing information, please email me and I’ll send a link with all the good stuff.

I offer discounts on session packages such as maternity + newborn or several sessions during baby’s first year.

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