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Photographs are not a luxury, they are a necessity. A photo session will make you a better person, a better parent, a better mother.


For one hour, you’ll take all the frustration you had that day about your son’s selective hearing or your daughter’s sass-a-frass attitude, and you’ll put it up on a shelf.

For one hour, you’ll look at your little cherubs and notice how when you hold them, their feet dangle far past your knees. You’ll feel their little arms wrap around your neck for the hug you never want to forget. And you won’t because I’ll be there to photograph it.

You’ll look at me like I’m crazy when I tell you give your hubs a kiss but you’ll also giggle from the place you may not have giggled from since your wedding day. And so will he.

During your maternity session, I’ll make you feel beautiful and strong and invincible. We’ll photograph your belly and your swollen feet and all the moments that fade once you hold your baby.

When that baby arrives, I’ll come to you. And I’ll bring treats if you’re up for it. Whether you choose a hospital session or a session in your home, my goal will be to tell the messy, sleep deprived love story that’s unfolding. We’ll take your first official family portraits on your sofa or in your bed. We’ll photograph yawns and stretches and the tiniest of toes.

When you receive your gallery and you see the portrait of your six year old, you’ll notice the girl that has suddenly appeared and the baby that still hides in her smile.

It’s not just the photographs you’ll have after the session that’s the necessity. It’s the process. It’s a moment to step back and look at the beautiful people in your life and the love that pulses through your veins.


Location, location, location. It’s important. But in this case the most important thing is that everyone is comfortable wherever we are. We can do parks, beaches, downtown, ice cream shops- wherever you think you can relax a bit. Don’t choose the beach if your toddler hates sand. Don’t pick a park with a playground if your 6 year old will be whining the whole time to go play.

For young kids, at home is best. I’ll get down on the floor and play with them. We’ll pile up on the sofa or in a bed. Most people who have chosen to be photographed at home were reluctant at first. Most people are probably thinking the same thing you are- my house isn’t enough. It’s not big enough, clean enough, Pinterest-y enough. I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong. It’s enough. We need one or two spaces near a window (and we can move furniture if we have to) and a group of people who love each other. That’s it. Home Sessions are my favorite every single time. They hands down get the most authentic, happy, love story-esque pictures.


My sessions are authentic, meaning, I’m looking for the relaxed, happy you. Also meaning, if ten outfit changes and lots of props is your thing, I’d be happy to recommend a few talented photographers, but this girl isn’t one of them.

I do a combo of pose-y shots at first and then as everyone relaxes and we all hit or rhythm, I can start working magic. This is when I give you a little less direction or may ask you to do something a little weird but I’m not looking for the weird, I’m looking for the genuine smiles and laughter (even if you’re laughing at me). Warning: I use bathroom humor and can often be overheard yelling things like “Poop!” at your sweet, innocent children. They love it and I get real smiles. Win, win.

During Home Sessions, we break the rules. We jump on beds and stand on sofas. We bake cookies and get chocolate all over our faces. We have fun. So this is your warning, your kids are going to LOVE it when I come over.

Lastly, I don’t say “Cheese!”. Because I too have children, and I know the smile that comes from telling them to say Cheese… that painful, weird teeth, squinty eyed smile.


About 48 hours after our session, I’ll post a little sneaky peek on Facebook. Feel free to tag yourself and share with friends. Two weeks after your session, I’ll send you an email with a link to view your gallery. You can download your high-resolution images right then and there. You can also choose your favorites for any professional prints or albums you’ve decided to purchase. I’ll check in to make sure you’re over the moon happy and please, don’t be afraid to tell me. I get as excited as you do on gallery day.



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